Fatwa: # 4643
Category: Islamic Politics
Country: Comoros
Date: 11th January 2002


Was Usama Bin Ladin justified in destroying those buildings in New York?


Usama Bin Ladin has recently come close to admitted he planned the destruction of those buildings in New York, on his last tape he sent to Al Jazeera TV. if Allah would have wanted those buildings destroyed, would he not have done it himself (as in earthquake, flood)? or would Allah have allowed the buildings built in the first place if he didn't want the people to have them? do you think Bin Ladin is "hijacked Islam" for his cause of killing people, as some say? Can you give reference from Qur'an and Hadith? May the goodness of Allah be with you.


We have no information regarding him admitting this deed. He did not admit
doing this nor is there conclusive proof showing he is guilty of this crime.

If Allah Ta'ala wishes to destroy someone or something, he employs various
methods or people to carry out the destruction. Sometimes, he employs
'natural' forces and sometimes he uses other people to carry out this
destruction which is actually a form of His divine punishment.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best


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