Fatwa: # 30278
Country: India
Date: 30th November -0001




Things are happening in an unfavorable manner these days.

For months together I was desperately praying for my son, who by the grace of ALLAH is regular in his prayers, to succeed in his exams especially in Tahajjud, during my Haj and even in Ramadaan, but he did not succeed despite his sincere attempts.

My valuable jewels were stolen on a trip. ALLAH blessed me with kind heart, I spend on my near and dear, and give charity etc. even then why did this happen to me?

The business into which my husband ventured recently also turned out into loss.

Why are my Duas not being accepted? What is the hindrance? And how could I reform myself? Also suggest for me a Wazifa. Jazak ALLAH.


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[Al-Bukhari and Muslim]