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We have established this website for the sole pleasure of Allah and propogation of His Deen in its prestine form. It is our ardent desire to answer as many questions as possible. However, as much as we would like to help our Ummah, our resources are limited. We receive hundreds of questions every day! It is very hard for us to keep uptodate with the questions.  For this reason, the questions run on a quota system. We have also set out rules for the types of questions we would tackle on the website. For this reason please follow the rules and guidelines provided below to make sure we can answer as many question as possible.


  1. Most of the times questions are identical to ones we have already answered over the past years. Please utilize the search facility at to search for your question. Type one word OR a phrase exactly as it could appear in any of the field. If any question is received which is generic and has been answered before, it will get deleted.
  2. is reserved for fiqh (Jurisprudence) related queries. Darul Iftaa does cater for Social issues, Du'as,  and other non-fiqhi questions, but not through this website. Please note that we do not interpret dreams, or give Ta’wezaat or any other problems related to Amaliyaat.
    1. For questions related to Tasawwuf, please view 
    2. For questions pertaining to our Institute please visit If you wish to make mashwara on something particular which is not Fiqh related, please use this alternative. 
    3. For women related social or non-fiqhi issues please visit  
  3. The Website has a maximum limit of 2 questions per person at a time. You should select 2 questions and submit them for answers. Once you get your answer, you may submit another 2. If more than 2 questions are submitted, the query will be deleted.
  4. Some questions require lengthy research in order to provide you with the satisfactory answer. If your question does not get answered within 1 weak's time then give it some more time. In most cases we will inform you of the delay. At the same time we suggest that you keep a close check of the questions on our webpage in case a similar question gets posted. If you do not receive your reply within 2 weeks please remind us by resubmitting.
  5. Many times a single questioner submits the same question more than one times. Such repetitive questions will automatically be deleted without any notification.
  6. does not take any question on Saturdays and Sundays. All these questions will need to be resubmitted as they get deleted automatically.
  7.  does not take questions submitted in languages other than english. Please re-submit your question along with English translation.
  8. only caters for Hanafi Fiqh Questions. Kindly find an appropriate Alim within your Madhab to ask your question.
  9. We are no longer taking any questions of sexual nature. All questions related to sexual intimacy will deleted.
  10. Once you click the button below, your session will begin. You will have 20 minutes to type out your question and submit it. If you have to type a longer and more detailed question, it is suggested that you type it in your Notepad before hand and then paste it in the box.
  11. Please format your question appropriately. Construct your question in proper legible english. Use of paragraphs, punctuation and smaller sentences help us understand your question better. If the question is not legible (written is english which cannot be understood) then it will be deleted.


If you adhere to the above guidelines, and submit your questions, InshAllah we will be able to provide a timely response.


Wassalamu Alaikum,

Computer Dept.
Darul Iftaa Sherwood.

The Messenger of Allah said, "When Allah wishes good for someone, He bestows upon him the understanding of Deen."
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim]